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Take a break during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and come aboard of our 15m yacht. While we're fishing, we'll serve you Japanese sushi & sashimi. Enjoy Barcelona's sky line with your clients and relax! Duration: 12:30h - 15:30h Departure: Port Forum, Barcelona Includes: fishing tackle, fishing guide, captain, fuel, sushi & sashimi, drinks, insurance, tax. Persons: max. 10 Price: 750 € Price without fishing: 650 € ---> Book the boat HERE ]]>
Mon, 23 Feb 2015 16:01:34 +0000
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For these winter months we have 3 great deals for fishing in Barcelona! 25% off on Private Charter You can rent the fishing charter "Camino" with a 25% discount! Book this fishing charter in Barcelona with 3-4 friends for 299€ instead of 399€! - > see boat 33% off on shared fishing trips The "Es Cau" team makes a big effort for these months and drops its prices from 120€ per ticket to only 80€ per ticket. That's a 33% less! Get to know other people and book a 4 hour shared fishing trip from 09h00 to 13h00 every first sunday of the month. - > see boat Squid fishing in Barcelona We also remind you that this is the best time of the year for squid fishing in Barcelona. We catch big (2lb+) squid in the afternoon at sunset. Our guide recommends the days between 14/12 and 20/12. The days around full moon guarantee high activity, which always helps to catch some squid. Price for a squid fishing trip for max. 8 persons is 650€ for the boat. (4h fishing) - > see boat More on Facebook!]]>
Fri, 13 Dec 2013 12:49:39 +0000
<![CDATA[Amberjack Fishing in Lanzarote]]> http://www.dpesca.com/en/news/amberjack-fishing-in-lanzarote.html

In November the bill fish leave Lanzarote and head south following the warm sea currents. But the action never stops on the Canary Islands. From November to January, Giant Amberjack take over their place at the top of the trophic pyramid. These months are excellent for trolling with live bait. Obviously not all fishing charters have the know-how to fish with live bait. Capt. Gianmaria from Belduca is a real live bait expert producing some stunning results. Last season he did 38 charters targeting Amberjack and caught 35 of these amazing fighters. He uses to fish with live squid, bonito or barracuda (some barracuda are almost 1m long!). Being with Capt. Gianmaria is certainly worth the while to learn new tricks & techniques. Experience the brutal attack and the fight of the Amberjack, you'll never forget… > More about Belduca Fishing Charter in Lanzarote. > More on Fishing in Lanzarote.]]>
Fri, 15 Nov 2013 13:09:52 +0000
<![CDATA[Squid Fishing in Marjorca]]> http://www.dpesca.com/en/news/squid-fishing-in-majorca.html

During Autumn and Winter, Capt. Miguel offers special squid fishing trips in Majorca. The fishing are is in the Palma Bay, about 8 miles from his home port Arenal. Usually we fish drifting with all kinds of jigs and squid fishing lures. Apart from squid you can also catch octopus, sepia and red scorpion fish. We use 12lb tackle with Daiwa GS60 reels. Enjoy Majorca's breath taking sun set during a relaxing squid fishing trip. Departure: 14:00h; we fish until sunset. ( 18:30h aprox. ) Price: 350€ Includes: drinks, snacks, fishing tackle, licenses, fuel, captain, insurance, tax. Book your fishing trip HERE]]>
Fri, 11 Oct 2013 09:13:21 +0000
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In order to improve our services, we would very much appreciate your feedback on our website www.dPesca.com by completing a brief online survey. This survey will take only 2 minutes to complete. All replies are anonymous and will be treated confidentially. To complete the survey, please click here >> Thank you in advance; your feedback is very valuable to us. Thomas and the dPesca-team. ]]>
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We're not always aware that the Canary Islands, Europe's n° 1 for sport fishing, are is situated only 4 hours flying from London, Paris or Düsseldorf. The Canary Islands are famous for their subtropical waters with plenty of sport fishing possibilities. They attract anglers from all around the world to practice big game fishing, jigging and spinning around these beautiful Islands. Some islands even have carp fishing lakes! Situated on a marine bottom with over 3000 meters of depth, the Canary Island is constantly nourished by the currents of the Atlantic Ocean. There are plenty of off shore seamounts that rise thousands of meters form the ocean floor and stop short of the surface. The marine nutritional chain is formed by its huge variety and quantity of species of sedentary and migratory fish, sharks and cetaceans. The Canaries are a privileged place for big game fishing. The Blue Marlin, the king of the ocean, visits the islands from June to September chasing the huge supply of pelagic baitfish such as mackerel, tuna and bonito. During the high season, several blue marlin up to an estimated 500 pounds are released every week. The bigger billfish can weigh up to 1100 pounds in these waters! Big eye tuna, yellow fin tuna, wahoo and dolphin fish are few of many species that can be captured in the Canary Islands. The archipielago is also a paradise for jigging and spinning. The mixed bottoms with sand or other rocky zones give shelter to fascinating species, such as the Moroccan dentex, the amberjack and the grouper, among others. A good option to fish on this breathtaking Island is to contact a fishing charter, commanded of guides with expertise and knowledge of the area. Dpesca.com wants you to save time and effort, and therefore offering you a selection of the best charters available on the Canary Island. ]]>
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Want to catch the strongest fighter among all fish? The Spanish Mediterranean Sea is one of the best places in the world to catch blue fin tuna. Due to protection of the species we have more and more tuna in front of our coasts. Over the years, we've also noticed some changes in migration patterns of the blue fin tuna. For many years we believed that tuna migrate massively to the Gibraltar Straits towards september and disappear into the Atlantic Ocean. Now, we know that a huge number of bluefins stay in the Mediterranean all year round. Catching a blue fin tuna in winter is not easy, but it is possible: they are hard to catch because they're not as aggressive as in summer time and they feed less. In Gibraltar, our captains catch blue fin tuna both casting and trolling, all year round. In the Costa del Sol, Capt. Oscar from Puerto Banus, an expert in trolling with life bait, often gets a huge strike of a tuna on a life mackerel while trolling for Dentex during winter time. The anglers from Alcudia (Mallorca) have caught bluefin tuna in december and january chumming. They don't catch them every day, but a few "submarines" have been released last winter. April is when we start to catch smaller blue fins (65lb - 90lb) casting with poppers, walking the dog, streamers and all kind of jigs. Tuna feed on very, very small life bait (smaller than an inch) and you'll find them in small groups. They're quite hard to approach and you really need to wait for that very moment when they feed more aggressively. You'd find these smaller tuna in front of the entire Spanish coast in areas with depths ranging between 50m and 85m. Half may and june these predators prepare for spawning and are less active. In the beginning of July - when they've finished spawning - they are very hungry and attack almost everything that moves. The hottest months (July, August and September) are by far the best tuna fishing months. They have long feeding periods all throughout the day. Being in the middle of a tuna attack is one of the most exciting moments an angler can experience: imagine a boiling sea with tuna jumping everywhere, sardines and mackerel flying through the air, the sea is full of scales and pieces of bait fish… This is the moment when you cast your popper right in the middle of the attack and start reeling in. Sometimes a tuna snaps the lure even before it falls into the water! Next thing you hear is a screaming reel and a tuna that takes over 200m of line. Come to Spain and experience the strength of these amazing fighters by yourself!]]>
Mon, 03 Jun 2013 14:13:11 +0000
<![CDATA[Fishing course in Barcelona ]]> http://www.dpesca.com/en/news/fishing-course-in-barcelona.html

Every first sunday from each month we organize a fishing course in Barcelona for novice anglers. Our professional fishing guide Toni will teach you several fishing techniques like bottom fishing, trolling, squid fishing etc. We'll be fishing in Barcelona, near the River Llobregat Delta. The price is 100€ per person and it includes: 4 hours fishing, fishing guide, all the fishing gear, bait & lures, fuel, drinks & snacks. I want to book my slot now! More about fishing in Barcelona.]]>
Wed, 06 Mar 2013 11:45:31 +0000
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A shared charter is a charter for which you can book per person. This means that you you’re not booking the whole boat (= private charter), but rather, you share the boat with other anglers. The big advantage of shared charters is that the price you’re paying is much lower than the full charter price. In Gran Canaria, for example, you can book a fishing trip for only 55€ per angler! A shared charter is just great if you’re looking for a relaxed fishing trip with your family. Check out our selection of shared charters: Lanzarote Belduca, Puerto Calero: 70€ per person Tono, Puerto Calero: 75€ per person Katfish, Puerto del Carmen: 75€ per person Margarita, Puerto del Carmen: 70€ per person Hasibi, Playa Blanca: 95€ per person Fuerteventura Albakora, Morro Jable: 75€ per person Resacca, Corralejo: 65€ per person Gran Canaria Cavalier, Puerto Rico: 60€ per person Cal Rei, Mogan: 100€ per person White Marlin, Puerto Rico: 55€ per person Tenerife Tonina, Arona: 72€ per person Barcelona Ramfel, Arenys de Mar: 145€ per person Tarragona Llobarrete, Cambrils: 95€ per person More on Facebook! ]]>
Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:36:08 +0000
<![CDATA[September and October, best months of the year!]]> http://www.dpesca.com/en/news/September-October-best-months-of-the-year.html

September and October are the best months for light tackle trolling in the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. Species like dolphinfish (Mahi-Mahi), bonito, horse mackerel, false albacore, melva and blue fin tuna concentrate close to the shore to chase baitfish like sardine and anchovies. This video shows how active the predators are this time of the year. Capt. Julien drops his jig and only a few seconds later he's reeling in a small blue fin. In the Barcelona area the fish are also very active and the best fishing technique at the moment is trolling with small lures and streamers. Especially bonitos and false albacore are around. In Mallorca, the anglers are having great fun catching dolphinfish. This season is being excellent with an average of 15 fish per angler per fishing trip. Apart from dolphinfish, we are also catching large amounts of small blue fin tuna (2 lb - 5 lb). Our friends of Andalucía concentrate - as always - on bottom fishing. They catch the usual smaller fish like sea bream, snapper, scorpion fish etc; but almost every day they catch dentex, pink dentex, tuna, amberjack or grouper on a life bait. The last weekend of October, the International Bottom Fishing Championship will be held in Marbella. We're confident that Capt. Oscar and co will be in the top 3 position. The Gibraltar Straits are the perfect place for top water spinning. Capt. Juanma concentrates on casting for bonito and smaller tuna. He's catching regularly bonitos (sarda sarda) between 11 lb and 16 lb! These great fighters are a wonderful fish to catch on light tackle! And last but not least: The Canary Islands. Capt. Paul and his team from Tono, participated in the The Puerto Calero Fishing Championship in Lanzarote. In the end Tono was in first place for the Blue Marlin category and second overall on points. The overall points winner was Hard Hatt, with one Blue Marlin and two White. During the Gran Tarajal Championship in Fuerteventura, the biggest fish was a spectacular Blue Marlin of 906 lb. We remind you that the marlin and the wahoos are around until the end of October and start of November. Also, we're having great session with vertical jigging: grouper, dentex, pink dentex, amberjack and much more. So, in a nut shell, enjoy these excellent fishing conditions before the winter starts! More pictures on Facebook! Spain Fishing]]>
Thu, 11 Oct 2012 09:37:44 +0000