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Fishing in La Gomera


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San Sebastian, Canaries - La Gomera
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Puerto Calero, Canaries - La Gomera
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La Gomera, Canaries - La Gomera
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Few miles off the west coast of Tenerife is situated La Gomera, the second smallest island of the archipelago of the Canary Islands. This small island measures nothing more than 22km in diameter and is famous for its beautiful mountainous, its precious forests covered in a persistent fog and for being the last stop of Columbus before setting sail to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1492.

The natural wealth of the Canary Islands offers never-ending sport fishing possibilities at La Gomera. Located on a marine bottom with more than 3000 meters depth, La Gomera is constantly nourished by the currents of the Atlantic Ocean. There are plenty of off shore seamounts that rise thousands of meters form the ocean floor and stop short of the surface. The food chain is formed by its huge variety and quantity of species of sedentary and migratory fish, sharks and cetaceans.

The Blue Marlin visits La Gomera in June and July as the warmer water begins to push in. The major oceanic currents bring a huge supply of pelagic baitfish such as mackerel, tuna and bonito. During the high season, several blue marlin up to an estimated 500 pounds are released every week. The bigger billfish can weigh up to 1100 pounds in these waters! Big eye tuna, yellow fin tuna, wahoo and dolphin fish are few of many species that can be captured in La Gomera. Many fishing charters move their boats to this island to fish here during June and July.

Jigging and bottom fishing can be done all year round. You can catch bonito, grouper, wahoo, Atlantic bonito, amberjack, barracuda, Moroccan dentex, dentex, etc.

When light trolling and light tackle fishing you may catch species (depending on the season) such as bonito, red porgi, wahoo, Atlantic bonito, barracuda, Moroccan dentex, amberjack, bluefish, tuna (big eye tuna and yellow-fin tuna), guilthead etc.

Whether you want to go jigging, Big Game Fishing, light tackle fishing, shark fishing, deep-sea fishing, etc, all the fishing grounds are within 15 minutes from the port.


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