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Fishing in the Gulf of Cadiz and Algarve


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Barbate, Gulf of Cadiz
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Rota, Gulf of Cadiz
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Chiclana, Gulf of Cadiz
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Sport Fishing in the Gulf of Cadiz

Situated between the cape of Sao Vicente (Portugal) and the Gibraltar Strait, the Gulf of Cadiz offers some great fishing conditions in the Algarve, Huelva and Cadiz area.

Fishing in the Gibraltar Strait

Many anglers believe that the Gibraltar Straits are one of the best fishing areas in Europe. It's spectacular and irregular sea bed is the perfect habitat for Dentex, pink Dentex, Amberjack, Grouper and many other large predators. The area is also a mandatory step for migratory marine species such as the bluefin tuna. In the villages of Tarifa, Barbate or Sahara de los Atunes, these fish are still caught with the traditional method of the almadraba. Sport anglers prefer catching them trolling.

The Strait is a haven for jigging lovers. There are plenty of boulders and stones abundant with large predators. It is best to fish in sea bottoms of 30-50-80 meters; greater depths can also be fished, but the strong currents force us to use heavy jigs 350 grams and 500 grams. Spinning is also successful in this area. We have caught many nice Atlantic bonitos, amberjacks, and bluefish with poppers and other top water walkers.

Fishing in Cadiz and Huelva

Two major rivers, the Guadalquivir and the Guadiana, as well as smaller rivers, like the Odiel, the Tinto, and the Guadalete, reach the ocean here. Through the ages, these rivers carried large amounts of sediments and created a rich fishing area. The waters between Cadiz and Huelva are shallow and are interesting for boat fishing. Sea bass, Corvina, Dorada, Dentex are very popular species here.

Big Game Fishing in the Gulf of Cadiz

The best place for Big Game fishing in the Gulf of Cadiz is the area of Picos Herminios, situated at 45 nautical miles from Portimao, Portugal. Here, large Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish, Tuna etc can be found. Compared to the Canary Islands and Cabo Verde, anglers believe that there's more Blue Marlin in the waters of the islands, but the marlin caught here in Picos have a much higher average weight. The Blue Marlin fishing season starts towards the end of june, when the ocean starts to warm up. They stay up till the end of october. White marlin even stay till end of november. Blue fin tuna can be caught between april and august.


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