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Fishing in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Located in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, this fishing charter is excellent for your deep sea fishing trips with your family and friends. Everything is on board to enjoy a wonderful day light tackle fishing in Corralejo. We offer half day or full day fishing trips and go an extra mile to ensure your trip is memorable and productive. Everyone is welcome aboard our fishing charters - from novice to experienced anglers, to corporate groups and families. Book this boat now and enjoy a great day fishing in Fuerteventura.

LOS SOCIOS 1, Corralejo, Canaries - Fuerteventura


Fishing Area

The isle of Fuerteventura, just like Lanzarote or El Hierro for example, never suffered the real estate and touristic pressure like Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Sport fishing in Fuerteventura is "big" over here with very rich fishing grounds, specially on the western part, they are fairly untouched.

Many anglers believe that Fuerteventura is one the best places of the Canary Islands for sport fishing. This island is not only famous for sea fishing, but also for carp fishing. Fuerteventura and the other islands emerged from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean due to several volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The majority of the countryside consists mainly of shades of reddish brown and black volcanic rock and sand. Under the surface of the ocean you’ll find an extremely rich rocky bottom with stones, holes, drop-offs and many interesting sport fishing species. Not far away from the coast, you will quickly find huge depths. The shelf break is only a mile from Morrojable, Jandia and Gran Tarajal. Here, the continental slope runs down to 1000 meters and more. There are plenty of off shore seamounts that rise thousands of meters form the ocean floor and stop short of the surface, like Amanai for example.

Fishing Holidays in Fuerteventura

The privileged geographic location of this Island, its subtropical climate and the oceanic currents provide Fuerteventura with an abundant marine wildlife. There is a huge number of both sedentary and migratory species. Whether you practice spinning, jigging, coastal trolling, bottom fishing, light tackle fishing, shark fishing or big-game fishing, the possibilities Fuerteventura offers the fishermen are immense... and the opportunity of capturing the fish of your life as well.

Jigging in Fuerteventura

The rocky bottoms that feature sandy patches, slopes, drop-offs, boulders and wrecks are an oasis for vertical jigging. You can fish vertically during the whole season and catch Atlantic Bonito, grouper, wahoo, barracudas, pink dentex, dentex, etc. We strongly recommend booking a good Fishing Charter in Fuerteventura and an experienced fishing guide who knows the area, the currents, the tides, etc. You have to know exactly where and when to drop your jig. If not, the possibilities of catching something decrease significantly.

Light Tackle Fishing in Fuerteventura

Fishing with light tackle (equipments of 20-30 lbs) and small lures can produce quite some fish. You can have unforgettable sessions fishing species such as bonito, red porgi, wahoo, Atlantic bonito, barracuda, Moroccan dentex, amberjack, bluefish, tuna (big eye tuna and yellow-fin tuna), guilthead etc.

Big Game Fishing in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a great place for big game fishing. It’s one of the world’s best know places for Atlantic Blue Marlin fishing. You can reach high seas within minutes as the continental shelf ends only a few miles from the coast. The subtropical climate, the oceanic currents and the huge supply of pelagic baitfish such as mackerel, tuna and bonito make the blue marlin feel at home in these waters between June and mid-November. Apart from Blue Marlin, the catches also include white marlin, dolphin fish, yellow fin tuna, big eye tuna and skipjack.

Every year in September, the Big Game Fishing Tournament takes place in the Gran Tarajal harbour. This event attracts fisherman to Fuerteventura waters from all over the globe.

For those who like shark fishing, there’s an area off Fuerteventura with marine mounts where it’s only 27 m deep (around these mounts its 1000m deep). The only good period to fish here – due to the weather conditions – is end-September and October. Normally we fish for hammer shark with life bait, using a wahoo as a teaser. You’ll catch hammer shark up to 600lbs just behind the boat. These fishing trips use to be very spectacular.

Access to the Fishing Area

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Boat and Captain

Captain J.David has many years of fishing experience, he grew up in a fishing village where his family was devoted to fishing all their life.






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What is included?
Captain, fuel, all the fishing tackle, bait, insurance, licenses & tax. Drinks & Sandwich.

What happens in case of bad weather?
In case of bad weather the captain will try to find an alternative day or you get a full refund. See the general conditions that apply to all trips.

The Boat
2x 150 Hp
Built in:
9,10 m
3,45 m
Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
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