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Sea Fishing in Gibraltar and the Strait

Docked in the marina of Gibraltar, we offer fishing in Gibraltar and the Strait. Enjoy the beautiful bliss of the Mediterranean Sea aboard the ‘At Last IV’. Our affordable fishing trips offer a truly memorable experience. Our proximity to prime fishing grounds means shorter runs out to the fish, giving us more time fishing. A lifelong fisherman with numerous European and World records is our skipper. His comprehensive experience will ensure you have tight lines all day long. Book this fishing charter in Gibraltar and you'll know what it's like to fish between Europe and Africa!

At Last IV, Gibraltar, Strait of Gibraltar


Fishing Area

If to the Greeks the Strait of Gibraltar was the end of the known world, the last frontier, beyond which was unknown and frightful, for those that love sport fishing, this is probably the best place for fishing on the Spanish Peninsula. The enormous underwater mountains, strong currents, and harsh weather conditions never allowed these waters to be overfished. For this reason, the Straight is considered an authentic nursery, a place where you can still fish for large grouper, amberjack, red porgy, pink dentex, dentex, and tuna among others.

The Currents

In the Strait of Gibraltar, the waters of the Mediterranean collide with the waters from the Atlantic. The first ones - colder and saltier which are heavier- have deep currents that leave the Mediterranean. The Atlantic waters- warmer and less dense- enter the Mediterranean on the surface. The movements of these horizontal waters are also affected by enormous underwater mountains: the collision with these mountains forces the water to rise over them, creating vertical turbulent currents, sometimes visible on the surface.

The Winds

The relief of the Spanish and Moroccan coastline serve as a funnel, channeling the wind and sea currents. Very often, the western or the eastern winds blow brutally in the strait, while 20 miles out the wind might be very light. There are many days that the wind reaches 50 knots, as if punishing this area and making it impossible to fish.

As we were saying, the Strait is probably best fishing spot on the Peninsula. An area that has never been over-exploited by industrial fishing due to geographical and environmental factors; the Strait is a magnet for marine life.

The Strait of Gibraltar is a mandatory step for migratory marine species such as the bluefin tuna.

The prevailing strong currents around here sometimes reach 5 knots. On the one hand, it makes fishing difficult, but on the other, it provides a great amount of food for small fish, which in turn attracts our preferred prey. The depths vary drastically. The depths, huge boulders, rocky and sandy areas provide shelter to many large predators such as the Moroccan dentex, grouper, red porgy, black spot sea bream, Atlantic wreckfish, and amberjack. The threshold of Camarinal situated next to Banco de Majuán, has a depth of 280 meters, while just outside the Bay of Algeciras there are depths of 1000 meters. Other interesting spots for fishing are Punta Carnero, Guadalmesi, Punta de Oliveros, the ‘bajo de la Aceitera,’ the ‘bajo de Los Cabezos’ in front of Punta Paloma, Bolonia, Perejil Island, etc.

You can practice coastal and deep sea trolling; big game trolling catches giant tuna, swordfish, and marlin; deep sea fishing can also be done by, jigging, spinning and more.

The Strait is a haven for jigging lovers. There are plenty of boulders and stones abundant with large predators. It is best to fish in sea bottoms of 30-50-80 meters; greater depths can also be fished, but the strong currents force us to use heavy jigs 350 grams and 500 grams. Spinning is also successful in this area. We have caught many nice Atlantic bonitos, amberjacks, and bluefish with poppers and other top water walkers.

There is plenty of fish in the Strait of Gibraltar, but fishing is not always easy. We must be very well informed about the weather: the day may start out calm and sunny, but very quickly it can become very windy as strong as 50 knots, which has caused more than enough distress. Is necessary to know the tides and currents; in addition, one must always be watching out for the large amount of maritime traffic passing through the strait, and of course, you need to know where the good areas are. For all these reasons, it is very important to have the experience of a good skipper.


Throughout the centuries, the name of the strait has kept changing with the passing of different Phoenician, Greek, Roman, and Muslim colonies. The straight used to be known (respectively) as the Columns of Melkart, later as the Columns of Hercules. According to Greek mythology, it was Hercules who separated the Rock of Gibraltar from Monte Hacho (Ceuta) and installed two pillars to commemorate his battles against the massive giant named Geryon. In reality, the Greeks considered the Strait of Gibraltar as the end of the known world although they knew the Mediterranean very well; it symbolized the end of the known world and they feared it. The current name of the Strait of Gibraltar comes from the Arabic invasions, Gibraltar means ‘rock of the General Tarek’ (Gibr-al-Tarek).

Boat and Captain

Capt. Tony Triay is a fantastic fisherman. He holds numerous world records! He has a brand new boat built in the 2011 at Galicia by Astilleros Carou and navigates with pride in all sorts of seas (the Straits can get furious) with an 100bhp Yamaha 4stroke outboard. A typical fishing boat from Gibraltar. The boat has all legal papers for Gibraltar, Spain and Offshore for everything needed. I also have the RYA courses up to date with competent marine courses too. LOA is 6.5m (with a wide and long deck) so ideally we would take a maximum of four pax to fish comfortably.


For bottom fishing we have Avet reels, which are very very robust and strong, perfect to hold the grouper up before they get back in their hole. There are all sizes, for live baits and for smaller breams. We mount these on Shakespear Ugly Stick sticks, or shimano. We have a wide variety of selection to match the conditions and species we are after. This gear has been instrumental in the numerous world and european records achieved by the captain.

We also added some Stellas or Saltigas to the bag though even though we are not very fond of fixed spools, but clients may well prefer them.

Some of our spinning gear is from the new Okuma range which is giving me very good impressions. I've added the Okuma Makaira reels to my arsenal of Big Game reels of Pen Internationals for this season.








Sea bass

Sea bass





Red snapper

Red snapper





Pink Dentex

Pink Dentex



A once-in-a-lifetime experience in Gibraltar!
Splendid and fantastic! First and maybe last Tuna in my life. A once-in-a-lifetime experience it was. 250 kg tuna is probably decent even for you? :-) - Claes, Norway




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Booking Process
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What is included?
Captain, fuel, all the fishing tackle, bait, insurance, licenses & tax.

What happens in case of bad weather?
In case of bad weather the captain will try to find an alternative day or you get a full refund. See the general conditions that apply to all trips.

The Boat
Suzuki 100
Built in:
6,5 m
2,75 m
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