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Профессиональные Эбро Рыбалка Руководство

Профессиональный чартер для рыбной ловли приглашает на рыбалку в Эбро; Тортосы. Капитан Джулиан специалист в области: глубоководная рыбалка, ловля на спиннинг, джиггин и многое другое. Мы будем рады всем желающим, от новичков до опытных рыболовов. Вы можете отправиться на рыбалку с семьей или коллегами. Бронируйте нашу лодку и наслаждайтесь незабываемой рыбалкой в Эбро.

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The river Ebro, Spain's second biggest River, is world famous for it's enormous stock of fish it holds. Thousands of fisherman enjoy their fishing holidays in Spain along the Ebro to catch carp, catfish, Zander and Blackbass. Other species that can be found are crucian carp, chub, barbel, eel, mullet, rudd and dace for example. Salt water species like sea bass, bluefish and leerfish can be found up to Amposta.

Its source is in Fontibre, northern Spain. The upper Ebro first rushes through rocky gorges in Burgos, forming a wider river valley in Navarra, La Rioja and Aragon. The water level of the river Ebro is at its highest point in spring, when other rivers discharge large amounts of water during the thawing season of the snow in the Pyrenees. Along it's way to the sea, massive dams at Caspe, Mequinenza, Riba-roja and Flix formed vast reservoirs. The Ebro then flows eastwards along Asco, Mora, Miravet's fortress built by the Knights Templar, Tortosa before discharging in a Ebro Delta on the Mediterranean close to Amposta in the province of Tarragona.

Catfish are the biggest fish in the river Ebro. These enormous predators are hard fighters for which you'll need strong tackle. Anglers frequently catch 50kg+ catfish (110lb+) and the biggest catfish weigh over 100kg (220lb). In Mequinenza en Riba Roja they are mainly caught on pellets and other carp bait. Further down the river, the fishing guides tend to use more often life bait like eel or other bait fish. Catfish feed all day round, but the best time is after dusk.

The summer tends to be more popular for catfishing holidays and in the winter, carp fishing holidays are more popular.

The river Ebro is stocked with lots of small hard fighting commons and mirrors. The reservoirs of Mequinenza and Caspe hold the bigger carp (40lb+ and 50lb+). Simple rigs work best as most carp have never been caught before. Although boilies work, we'd recommend fishing with old fashioned baits: maize, corn, bread, snails, potatoes, etc.

Zander fishing is getting very popular on the River Ebro as it holds predators of 10kg+ (22lb+). They bite on artificial lures (soft baits with drop shot rig work very good), dead baits and life baits. The best time of the year are the colder months (december, january and february).

Another fantastic fish is the Black Bass which can be fished for on a variety of methods. Spinning and fly fishing are the best option using streamers, soft baits, poppers, walking-the-dog stick baits, etc. The biggest Bass grow up to 60cm.

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We provide light tackle (10 - 15 lb) to enjoy every fish. We have full ranges of Shimano, Sakura and Daiwa rods and reels.


A bordo llevamos el aperitivo, la comida y las bebidas.


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Черный окунь

Черный окунь



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Морской судак





Julien un fenómeno!!!
Pesca del lucioperca en el Ebro
Lo pasamos genial con el y volveremos!! Así como ya me pondré en contacto contigo por sí en junio julio tenemos unos días donde podemos ir. Un beso y muchísimas gracias por todo y ya te digo Julien genial, lo mejor de lo mejor!! Carmen - Cáceres




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